A-Level: Baroque landscape

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Painting Brazil for the Dutch art market, Frans Post, <em>Landscape with Ruins in Olinda</em>
Painting Brazil for the Dutch art market, Frans Post, Landscape with Ruins in Olinda

Idealized depictions of sugar plantations and African laborers in Dutch-colonial Brazil were popular in the Dutch art market in the 17th century

Andries Beeckman, <em>The Castle of Batavia</em> and Dutch colonialism
Andries Beeckman, The Castle of Batavia and Dutch colonialism

Andries Beeckman's landscape painting with the so-called Castle of Batavia (in what is today Jakarta, Indonesia) highlights Dutch prowess and strength during their ascension to colonial power in the seventeenth century.

Jacob van Ruisdael, <em>The Jewish Cemetery</em>
Jacob van Ruisdael, The Jewish Cemetery

As we can see in a closer examination of The Jewish Cemetery, Ruisdael's works were closely based on, but not entirely beholden to, the world he saw around him.

Nicolas Poussin, <em>Landscape with Saint John on Patmos</em>
Nicolas Poussin, Landscape with Saint John on Patmos

Poussin’s ideal landscapes inspired generations of followers. Here, our eye finds a place to rest amidst the ruins.

Jacob van Ruisdael, <em>View of Haarlem with Bleaching Grounds</em>
Jacob van Ruisdael, View of Haarlem with Bleaching Grounds

70 percent of this landscape is sky. The church orients us, but weather adds specificity and dynamism.