The art of the Yuan dynasty

During the Yuan dynasty, China became a part of the Mongol empire.

1271 - 1368

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Caterina Vilioni’s tomb in Yangzhou
Caterina Vilioni’s tomb in Yangzhou

A tombstone belonging to an Italian merchant's daughter found in Yangzhou reveals the social and religious plurality of Yuan China

Xie Chufang, <em>Fascination of Nature</em>, handscroll
Xie Chufang, Fascination of Nature, handscroll

A rare Yuan dynasty painting shows animals and insects feeding off each other.

Qian Xuan, Young nobleman on horseback, handscroll
Qian Xuan, Young nobleman on horseback, handscroll

A literati painter, Qian painted landscapes, historical figures and flowers.

Zheng Sixiao, Ink Orchid
Zheng Sixiao, Ink Orchid

Zheng’s precise calligraphic strokes lend vitality and movement to these delicate flowers. But are they rootless?

The David Vases
The David Vases

Dragons! Elephants! A phoenix! Many motifs cover these tall vases, but it’s the inscriptions that date the pair.

<em>Buddha of Medicine Bhaishajyaguru (Yaoshi fo)</em>
Buddha of Medicine Bhaishajyaguru (Yaoshi fo)

This enormous Buddhist wall painting exemplifies an important format of Chinese painting rarely seen in the West.

Huang Gongwang, <em>Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains</em>
Huang Gongwang, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

Unroll this handscroll and experience a spectacular panorama of rounded mountains, lush trees, and flowing water.

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