Dr. Danielle Stewart

Danielle joined the department of art history at the University of Warwick after spending a year as a research associate with the Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism and the Humanities. Danielle specializes in Modern and Contemporary art and architecture across Latin America with a special focus on Brazil. Her current major research project investigates the capacity of mass distributed artistic, documentary, journalistic, and advertising photography to shape urban spaces and construct urban imaginaries in São Paulo--Brazil's major industrial capital. Danielle is also interested in ecocritical approaches to Latin American art and is working on a study of Inhotim, a contemporary art museum in the Brazilian interior that has been linked to environmental disasters in the surrounding area. Most recently Danielle's writing has been published in the Latin American Research Review. She also has an essay on the mid-century German-Brazilian photographer Alice Brill forthcoming in a publication by the Instituto Moreira Salles, Brazil's leading private photography collection.