Steven Zucker

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, David, 1623-24, marble (Galleria Borghese, Rome)
Painted and sculpted bodies move into our space. Everything feels like it’s in motion, including the light.

How to recognize Baroque art

Moche bottle
Thousands of ceramic bottles were produced by Moche ceramicists, and many multiples were made using molds.

Moche Portrait Head Bottle

Hidden under volcanic ash for millennia, the beautiful frescoes in the houses of Akrotiri were recently unearthed.

Akrotiri, Thera

Eleusis Amphora
This ancient pot depicts not one, but two myths: Perseus slaying Medusa and Odysseus blinding the cyclops.

Eleusis Amphora

Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania
This island’s architecture attests to its long and tumultuous history of wealth, power, exchange, and conquest.

Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania