Early photography

Photography has always been a controversial medium—is it an art or a science?

1826 - c. 1870

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Julia Margaret Cameron, <em>Mrs. Herbert Duckworth</em>
Julia Margaret Cameron, Mrs. Herbert Duckworth

Cameron’s evocative portrait captures her young niece… before she became the mother of a literary giant.

Lady Clementina Hawarden, <em>Clementina and Florence Elizabeth Maude</em>
Lady Clementina Hawarden, Clementina and Florence Elizabeth Maude

This pioneering woman used the new medium of photography to add dramatic flair to her domestic life.

Louis Daguerre, <em>Paris Boulevard</em>
Louis Daguerre, Paris Boulevard

Daguerre’s groundbreaking technique turned Paris into a ghost town.

Early Photography: Niépce, Talbot and Muybridge
Early Photography: Niépce, Talbot and Muybridge

Photography emerged as a marvel of the modern world, but its early years were marked by technological obstacles.

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