Early photography

Photography has always been a controversial medium—is it an art or a science?

1826 - c. 1870

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Anna Atkins and the cyanotype process
Anna Atkins and the cyanotype process

Although today Atkins’s prints are sold and viewed as art, they were originally made as botanical illustrations.

Roger Fenton, <em>Landscape with clouds</em>
Roger Fenton, Landscape with clouds

How the only copy of this landscape photograph is revolutionary

Julia Margaret Cameron, <em>Mrs. Herbert Duckworth</em>
Julia Margaret Cameron, Mrs. Herbert Duckworth

Cameron’s evocative portrait captures her young niece… before she became the mother of a literary giant.

Lady Clementina Hawarden, <em>Clementina and Florence Elizabeth Maude</em>
Lady Clementina Hawarden, Clementina and Florence Elizabeth Maude

This pioneering woman used the new medium of photography to add dramatic flair to her domestic life.

Louis Daguerre, <em>Paris Boulevard</em> or <em>View of the Boulevard du Temple</em>
Louis Daguerre, Paris Boulevard or View of the Boulevard du Temple

Daguerre’s groundbreaking technique turned Paris into a ghost town.

Early Photography: Niépce, Talbot and Muybridge
Early Photography: Niépce, Talbot and Muybridge

Photography emerged as a marvel of the modern world, but its early years were marked by technological obstacles.

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