Art in China

The Shanghai Museum holds a number of national treasures, and make sure to check out China's provincial museums as well.

Pan Tianshou, <em>Red Lotus</em>
Pan Tianshou, Red Lotus

With Red Lotus, Pan emphasizes the relationship between ink painting and Chinese identity in the modern era.

Dong Xiwen, <em>The Founding of the Nation</em>
Dong Xiwen, The Founding of the Nation

Founding the Nation marks the rapid transformation of mainstream art into propaganda during the Mao era.

Hu Yichuan, <em>To the Front!</em>
Hu Yichuan, To the Front!

To the Front! is a widely circulated print that sought to denounce the inaction of those in power.

Xu Beihong, <em>Tian Heng and His Five Hundred Followers</em>
Xu Beihong, Tian Heng and His Five Hundred Followers

In this captivating oil painting, Xu Beihong recounts an ancient legend that pictures the heroic 3rd-century B.C.E. prince Tian Heng at a pivotal moment.

Gao Jianfu, <em>Flying in the Rain</em>
Gao Jianfu, Flying in the Rain

In Flying in the Rain, Gao Jianfu pictured a squadron of biplanes emerging from cloudy skies in loose formation.

Hua Yan, <em>Pheasant, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum</em>
Hua Yan, Pheasant, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum

Color and brushwork create a golden pheasant in this Qing dynasty hanging scroll

Wang Shimin, <em>Cloud Capped Mountains and Misty Riverside</em>
Wang Shimin, Cloud Capped Mountains and Misty Riverside

Wang Shimin reimagines the past in this Qing dynasty landscape

Zhao Zhiqian, <em>Flowers Album</em>
Zhao Zhiqian, Flowers Album

Peonies, plum blossoms, radishes, and cabbages are all depicted in these calligraphic ink paintings

Wang Shishen, Garden scene album leaves
Wang Shishen, Garden scene album leaves

These garden scenes are examples of how professional artists in Qing-dynasty China made a living

Ren Xiong, <em>Self-Portrait</em>
Ren Xiong, Self-Portrait

Ren Xiong's captivating self-portrait tells us a great deal about the principles of Chinese painting, the roles of self-portraiture and portraiture, and the canon of Chinese art.

Miniature furniture and figurines in a Ming tomb
Miniature furniture and figurines in a Ming tomb

Mini furniture and figurines give us a tiny look into Ming dynasty life

The search for immortality: The Tomb of Lady Dai
The search for immortality: The Tomb of Lady Dai

Upon its discovery, Lady Dai’s tomb was in a remarkable state of preservation with wooden objects and silks in near perfect condition, as though immune to the ravages of time