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Cahir Castle, Ireland
Cahir Castle, Ireland

This quintessential medieval castle features a dry moat, defensive towers, and murder holes

<em>St. George and the Dragon</em>, Storkyrkan Stockholm
St. George and the Dragon, Storkyrkan Stockholm

A massive, over-life-sized sculptural group of St. George and the Dragon in the City Church of St. Nicholas, Stockholm reads like a fairy tale.

Michael Pacher, <em>St. Wolfgang Altarpiece</em>
Michael Pacher, St. Wolfgang Altarpiece

This “total work of art” unites sculpture, painting, and architecture—and connects real space to a visionary realm.

Hermen Rode, <em>Saints Nicholas and Victor Altarpiece</em>
Hermen Rode, Saints Nicholas and Victor Altarpiece

The Saints Nicholas and Victor Altarpiece stands as a rare example of a high altarpiece that remains in its original location since its installation in 1481. 

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