The United States is especially known for the development of "straight photography"—making direct and unapologetic use of the medium.

1900 - 1945

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Harold Edgerton, <i>Milk-Drop Coronet Splash</i>
Harold Edgerton, Milk-Drop Coronet Splash

A drop of milk landing into a bowl makes an elegant crown shape, thanks to Edgerton’s stroboscope.

Lotte Jacobi, <em>Albert Einstein</em>
Lotte Jacobi, Albert Einstein

Jacobi seems to have been able to see more facets of Einstein than the editors of Life cared to share with their readership.

Dorothea Lange, <em>Migrant Mother</em>
Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother

Meet the two women behind this iconic 1936 photograph.

Ansel Adams: Visualizing a Photograph
Ansel Adams: Visualizing a Photograph

Straight from the horse’s mouth: the process of making a photograph, in the artist’s own words.

Walker Evans, <em>Subway Passengers, New York City</em>
Walker Evans, Subway Passengers, New York City

These photographs, taken covertly on the New York City subway, show that seeing is in itself a creative act.