Conceptual and Performance art

Performance art

Performance art differs from traditional theater in its rejection of a clear narrative, use of random or chance-based structures, and direct appeal to the audience.

c. 1960 - present

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The Case for Performance Art
The Case for Performance Art

Inserting live bodies into artworks unsettles the delusion that a universal perspective exists.

Marina Abramović, <em>The Artist is Present</em>
Marina Abramović, The Artist is Present

Is staring into the eyes of one of the world’s most renowned performance artists scary? Transcendent? Boring?

Vito Acconci, <em>Following Piece</em>
Vito Acconci, Following Piece

In this stalkery piece, Acconci questions space, time, and the human body on the streets of New York.

Performance Art: An Introduction
Performance Art: An Introduction

What happens when art intersects with life?

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