Constructivism in Latin America

Though influenced by ideas from Europe, these Latin American artists sought to create works that spoke to their particular context.

c. 1920 - 1970

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Rhod Rothfuss, <em>Yellow Quadrangle</em>
Rhod Rothfuss, Yellow Quadrangle

Rothfuss, an important voice in Latin American modernism, rejects recognizable forms by breaking the frame

Joaquín Torres-García, <em>Composition</em>
Joaquín Torres-García, Composition

A house, a boat, an arrow, a clock—Torres-García attempts to humanize modern art with universal symbols

Geometric Abstraction in South America, an introduction
Geometric Abstraction in South America, an introduction

Latin American geometric abstraction united international principles of modernist abstraction with local cultural traditions, and led to more participatory forms of art.

Lygia Clark, <em>Bicho</em>
Lygia Clark, Bicho

Described by Clark as a “non object,” Bicho can take many shapes, and is manipulated by the viewer.

Joaquín Torres-García, <em>Inverted America</em>
Joaquín Torres-García, Inverted America

Torres-García upended traditional hierarchical structures by defining the art of South America on its own terms.

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