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The videos below can be seen on Smarthistory because The J. Paul Getty Museum generously makes their videos available for distribution.

Medieval Calendar thumbnail
Kalends, nones, ides—the medieval month took its three fixed points from ancient Rome. But what about red days?

The medieval calendar

Making Manuscripts (Getty video still)
From scraping skin and cutting quills to painting and bookbinding, making a manuscript is a long, complex process.

Making manuscripts

The art of gem carving
Watch a modern artist engrave a precious gemstone using the techniques of the ancients.

The art of gem carving

The mummification process
To prepare a body for the afterlife, ancient Egyptians removed organs, dried the body, wrapped it, and more.

The mummification process

From carpenters and workshop assistants to apothecaries and goldsmiths, it took a village to make a panel painting.

Gold-ground panel painting