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Sue Williamson, <em>For Thirty Years Next to His Heart</em>
Sue Williamson, For Thirty Years Next to His Heart

Made four years before the end of the apartheid system, Williamson has repurposed a passbook carried by a Black South African for three decades

Jane Alexander, <em>Butcher Boys</em>
Jane Alexander, Butcher Boys

To acknowledge the truly violent nature of humankind is to implicate one’s self in a relationship to such atrocities.

William Kentridge, drawing from <em>Tide Table (Soho in Deck Chair)</em>
William Kentridge, drawing from Tide Table (Soho in Deck Chair)

On a beach in a suit, a discordant image, like South Africa, where it was made.

Marlene Dumas, <em>Models</em>
Marlene Dumas, Models

Dumas paints from photographs, and deliberately makes her pictures strange, unsettling, and ugly.

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