This group of young and rebellious Italian writers and artists was determined to celebrate industrialization.

1909 - 1914

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Can you imagine being so enthusiastic about technology that you name your daughter Propeller? One of the Futurists did.

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Gino Severini, <em>Dynamic Hieroglyph of the Bal Tabarin</em>
Gino Severini, Dynamic Hieroglyph of the Bal Tabarin

Severini and Boccioni use brilliant colors, abstraction, fragmentation and repetition of forms to create a vibrant whirling energy.

Umberto Boccioni and the Futurist City
Umberto Boccioni and the Futurist City

The Futurists called for the destruction of museums, libraries, and cultural monuments and glorified modern technology and the speed of automobiles, trains, and airplanes.

Futurist Free Word Painting
Futurist Free Word Painting

Words, sounds, images, shapes, and colors were all used to convey the intensity of experience and bring the viewer into the heart of the action.

Giacomo Balla, <em> Street Light</em>
Giacomo Balla, Street Light

Rejecting traditional subject matter, Balla paints an object that is forthrightly modern and technological.

Raymond Duchamp-Villon, <em>Horse</em>
Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Horse

The artist completed this sculpture during World War I, shortly before he died.

Umberto Boccioni, <em>Unique Forms of Continuity in Space</em>
Umberto Boccioni, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

Ready to break with Classical and Renaissance styles, Boccioni sculpted a future-man: muscular, dynamic, driven.

Carlo Carrà, <em>Funeral of the Anarchist Galli</em>
Carlo Carrà, Funeral of the Anarchist Galli

A visit to Paris, after preparing a study for this painting, changed Carrà’s whole approach for the final canvas.

Italian Futurism: An Introduction
Italian Futurism: An Introduction

This group of writers and artists celebrated industrialization, which they hoped would energize their native Italy.

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