Minimalism and Conceptual Art opened the way for a variety of experimental practices in different media.

c. 1965 - 1980

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Mario Merz, <em>Giap’s Igloo</em>
Mario Merz, Giap’s Igloo

Giap’s Igloo by Mario Merz invites you to consider your actions, and how those actions contribute to our larger existence.

The last work of Eva Hesse
The last work of Eva Hesse

Hesse proves that powerful, emotionally charged art doesn't have to be pretty.

Alternative art spaces in New York City
Alternative art spaces in New York City

Alternative art spaces created new paths and possibilities for art in the wake of modernism.

Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF)
Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF)

Royal Chicano Air Force, blending humor, politics, and public art since the early 1970s

Judy Chicago, <em>The Dinner Party</em>
Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party

Judy Chicago's landmark installation gives notable women from history a seat at the table.

Eleanor Antin, <em>Carving: A Traditional Sculpture</em>
Eleanor Antin, Carving: A Traditional Sculpture

The idea of sculpture was the subject of Antin’s work, which interrogates beauty, gender, and “traditional” art.

Eva Hesse, <em>Untitled (Rope Piece)</em>
Eva Hesse, Untitled (Rope Piece)

This sculpture was hanging in the artist’s studio at the time of her death; it can be hung in numerous ways.

Jackie Winsor, <em>#1 Rope</em>
Jackie Winsor, #1 Rope

Women’s labor and the passage of time are evoked in this sculpture constructed of organic materials.

Eva Hesse, <em>Untitled</em>
Eva Hesse, Untitled

Her friends were into high conceptualism, but Hesse’s own approach is more playful, bodily, and feminist.

Mary Kelly, <em>Post-Partum Document</em>
Mary Kelly, Post-Partum Document

Motherhood is explored and documented—but not sugarcoated—in Kelly’s five-year-long project.

Louise Bourgeois, <em>Cumul I</em>
Louise Bourgeois, Cumul I

Male and female forms reveal and conceal themselves simultaneously in this polished marble sculpture.

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