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Thomas Cole, The Architect's Dream, 1840, oil on canvas, 134.7 x 213.6 cm (Toledo Museum of Art)
Far from being neutral, museum are deeply rooted in a thicket of political, sociological, and ideological histories.

6. Looking at Art Museums

Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones, The Shoe Shop, c. 1911, oil on canvas, 99.1 x 79.4 cm (Art Institute of Chicago)
Social categories and roles are always changing. How do these shape government policy, culture and people’s lives?

Social structures

Mummies were also buried with offerings of food and jewelry to accompany the deceased into the afterlife. The types of textiles and offerings associated with a mummy bundle shed light on the individual’s social status; the larger and more elaborate the bundle, the higher social standing the person held during his or her life.

Paracas Textiles: An Introduction

Textiles remained important items after the Spanish conquest in the Viceroyalty of Peru. Churches were even painted with textile murals to endow these spaces with sacredness.

Textiles in the Colonial Andes