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Detail, Romare Bearden, Three Folk Musicians, 1967, collage of various papers with paint and graphite on canvas, 50 x 60 x 1 ½ inches (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
During and after World War II, civil rights activists and leaders, most notably Martin Luther King Jr., combated racial discrimination utilizing a vareity of strategies, including legal challenges, direct action, and nonviolent protest tactics.
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Originally adorning an Assyrian palace, these reliefs let us look back to this ancient culture's sense of power, influence, and control that they had at a time when the world was not understood through the lens of modern science.

Assyrian Palace Reliefs of Ashurnasirpal II

Folding Screen (biombo) with the Siege of Belgrade (front) and Hunting Scene (reverse), c. 1697-1701, Mexico, oil on wood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl, 229.9 x 275.8 cm (Brooklyn Museum)
We can’t deny that one strand of the global Baroque is its Catholic, monarchical, and colonizing nature, but this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t room for artistic individuality, experimentation, or even dissent.

Introduction to the Global Baroque