Powerful kingdoms have ruled the Korean peninsula for millennia, creating luxurious art for the elite.

57 B.C.E. - present

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Water-Moon Avalokiteśvara
Water-Moon Avalokiteśvara

This exquisite example of a Goryeo Buddhist painting depicts the bodhisattva on his mountain-island abode.

<em>Portrait of Sin Sukju</em>
Portrait of Sin Sukju

Sin Sukju’s attire and posture may be formulaic, but the face is definitely his—wrinkles and all.

Song Su-Nam, <em>Summer Trees</em>
Song Su-Nam, Summer Trees

In title and medium, Song’s contemporary ink-wash painting looks back to the poetic landscape tradition.

Gold and jade crown, Silla Kingdom
Gold and jade crown, Silla Kingdom

With its gold branches, this crown evokes a sacred tree. Jade ornaments represent fertility and abundance.

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