Dr. Kristen Loring Brennan

About Dr. Kristen Loring Brennan

Dr. Kristen Chiem is Contributing Editor for East Asian Art. She earned her M.A. from Harvard University and her Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research concentrates on late imperial Chinese painting. She is currently Associate Professor of Art at Pepperdine University.

Oracle Bone, Shang dynasty
The writing on these bones is 3000 years old, but scholars can decipher an incredible 40 percent of the characters.

Oracle Bone, Shang Dynasty

Da Ke Ding
Not for everyday use, this ritual bronze vessel is significant in function and in heft. It weighs over 400 pounds!

Da Ke Ding

Portrait of Sin Sukju, second half of the 15th century, hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, 167 x 109.5 cm, Goryeong Sin Family Collection, Cheongwon, Treasure no. 613.
Sin Sukju’s attire and posture may be formulaic, but the face is definitely his—wrinkles and all.

Portrait of Sin Sukju