Spain: 15th – 16th century

In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered that the world was much larger than Europeans had previously believed. His expeditions to the Americas, and the often destructive colonization and evangelization that followed, helped the Spanish monarchs to amass a great fortune based on indigenous labor and natural resources.

1400 - 1600

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The Renaissance in Spain
The Renaissance in Spain

Stretching from Europe to the Philippines, the Spanish Empire amassed great wealth—and spent lavishly on art.

El Escorial, Spain
El Escorial, Spain

The severe exterior of this palace complex belies its highly decorative interior, once filled with art.

El Greco, <em>Adoration of the Shepherds</em>
El Greco, Adoration of the Shepherds

Wild! Everything seems transient in this otherworldly scene, but El Greco’s bold colors stay with us.

El Greco, <em>View of Toledo</em>
El Greco, View of Toledo

Is that a Van Gogh? Centuries ahead of its time, this radical cityscape captures external and internal conflict.

El Greco, <em>Burial of the Count Orgaz</em>
El Greco, Burial of the Count Orgaz

One of art history’s most famous paintings, this scene remains mysterious. Are we outside at night, or in a chapel?

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