Art in Mexico

In Mexico City, visit the Anthropology Museum to see the amazing art produced by all the diverse ancient cultures of (what is today) Mexico, and a short distance away, the amazing ancient city of Teotihuacan, and an early mission church with gorgeous frescoes and an Atrial cross at Acolman.

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Manuel Vilar, <em>Tlahuicole</em>
Manuel Vilar, Tlahuicole

Vilar's sculpture of Tlahuicole draws on the style of Neoclassicism to show the heroic Tlaxcalan warrior Tlahuicole who battled the Aztecs

Church of Santa Prisca and San Sebastian, Taxco, Mexico
Church of Santa Prisca and San Sebastian, Taxco, Mexico

One of the most remarkable churches from 18th-century Mexico has a façade and interior that seem to writhe with life.

Brazier of Chicomecoatl
Brazier of Chicomecoatl

An elaborate Aztec brazier of Chicomecoatl was used to burn offerings to the gods

José María Velasco, <em>The Candelabrum</em>
José María Velasco, The Candelabrum

An enormous cactus in the Mexican landscape is captured in amazing detail by the painter José María Velasco in teh 19th century

Francisco Goitia, <em>Tata Jesucristo</em>
Francisco Goitia, Tata Jesucristo

Francisco Goitia's image of universal suffering confronts us directly

Félix Parra, <em>Fray Bartolomé de las Casas</em>
Félix Parra, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas

Parra uses a 16th-century friar to comment on 19th-century events, as artists began to make a new art for a new nation.

<em>The History of Mexico</em>: Diego Rivera’s Murals at the National Palace
The History of Mexico: Diego Rivera’s Murals at the National Palace

There is no “right way” to read this mural because there is no clear beginning or end to the story. The viewer is required to construct their own history of Mexico

Prints and Printmakers in Colonial New Spain
Prints and Printmakers in Colonial New Spain

Throughout the colonial period, this reproductive medium allowed for the wide circulation of images to a broad public, creating a shared religious and political culture.

<em>Christ Crucified</em>, a Hispano-Philippine ivory
Christ Crucified, a Hispano-Philippine ivory

This ivory sculpture of Jesus traveled between three continents.

Saintly violence? <em>Santiago on Horseback</em>
Saintly violence? Santiago on Horseback

Santiago became an important saint in New Spain, recast to convey Spanish dominance over the Indigenous population in the sixteenth century.

Classical Architecture in Viceregal Mexico
Classical Architecture in Viceregal Mexico

Find out what happens to classical Renaissance architecture when it arrives in New Spain.

Eagle Warrior (Mexica)
Eagle Warrior (Mexica)

The goal of the eagle warrior was to capture the greatest number of captives, who would then be sacrificed to the Mexica gods. All warriors rose in rank according to the number of captives they acquired.