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The colony of Augusta Emerita, which became present-day Mérida in Estremadura, was founded in 25 B.C. at the end of the Spanish Campaign and was the capital of Lusitania.

Colony of Augusta Emerita, Mérida

Edo period
The Edo period saw an intensified circulation of visual vocabulary and aesthetic principles between mediums (paintings, ceramics, lacquerware, and textiles often shared the similar motifs) and crossing different registers of culture from design to popular culture to nostalgia for a romanticized pre-modern past.

Edo period, an introduction

Self Help grid
Beginning in 1973, Self Help Graphics and Art helped to redeploy the Mexican Día de Muertos for their neighborhoods in East Los Angeles to help the a Chicana/o and broader Latinx communities in the city.

Self Help Graphics and Art

Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (sculptor), Gustave Eiffel (interior structure), Richard Morris Hunt (base), Statue of Liberty, begun 1875, dedicated 1886, copper exterior, 151 feet 1 inch / 46 m high (statue), New York Harbor
Over the past 250 years, the American colonies have transitioned from being mere holdings of European superpowers, to being perhaps the most preeminent superpower of our own day.

America in the World

Purism replaced what they described as Cubism’s decorative, vague, and contingent forms with mathematically-designed compositions of perfected ideal forms.