Dr. Maya Jiménez

About Dr. Maya Jiménez

Dr. Maya Jiménez is Contributing Editor for Twentieth-Century Latin American Art. She received her Ph.D. from the Graduate Center, CUNY, where she focused on the transatlantic dialogues between Latin American and European modern art. She currently teaches at Pace University and Borough of Manhattan Community College.

The Muisca would honor a new leader by covering his body in gold dust and then submerging him, his raft, and other offerings into the sacred lake.

Muisca Raft

Zemis were powerful objects that could have an impact in any aspect of Taíno life, influencing the social standing, political power, or fertility of an individual.

Taíno Zemis and Duhos

The goal of the eagle warrior was to capture the greatest number of captives, who would then be sacrificed to the Mexica gods. All warriors rose in rank according to the number of captives they acquired.

Eagle Warrior (Mexica)