Dr. Charles Cramer

About Dr. Charles Cramer

Charles A. Cramer is Associate Professor Art History at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. His publications include Abstraction and the Classical Ideal, 1760-1920 (University of Delaware Press, 2006), and “Alexander Cozens’s New Method: The Blot and General Nature,” Art Bulletin 79, no. 1 (March 1997): 112-129.

The figure of the Blue Rider thus embodied the spiritual focus of the group as well as their belief that art plays an important social role in the struggle between good and evil.

Der Blaue Reiter

The longer you look at the painting the more possible readings of the forms you are likely to discover. Delaunay’s painting is not only about vision, it is also about painting itself and the way colored shapes and relationships structure vision.

Simultanism: Robert Delaunay