This international "anti-movement" of radical young artists claimed that virtually anything could be art.

c. 1913 - 1920

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Dada was short-lived and difficult to define, but it continues to have a major impact on art today.

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Dada Readymades
Dada Readymades

The purpose of the readymade is fundamentally conceptual. Any objection that the object is not beautiful, or did not require any skill to make, misses the point.

Dada Politics
Dada Politics

The Dadaists were effective in creating devastating social and political criticism in postwar Germany.

Dada Collage
Dada Collage

Collage was in many ways a perfect medium for Dada iconoclasm and social protest.

Dada Pataphysics
Dada Pataphysics

Science and technology made dysfunctional or absurd.

Dada Manifesto
Dada Manifesto

Dada is nonsense, but very carefully produced nonsense.

Raoul Hausmann, <em>Spirit of the Age: Mechanical Head</em>
Raoul Hausmann, Spirit of the Age: Mechanical Head

A century before democracy was tested by social media gone rogue, Hausmann understood the dark side of technology.

Francis Picabia, <em>Ideal</em>
Francis Picabia, Ideal

Though Picabia borrows from the popular machine aesthetic, nothing about his apparatus is functional.

Introduction to Dada
Introduction to Dada

The avant-garde reached new heights by looking to “low” culture; after all, the whole thing started with a urinal!

Marcel Duchamp, <em>Nude Descending a Staircase, No 2</em>
Marcel Duchamp, Nude Descending a Staircase, No 2

As the European public grew increasingly hard to scandalize, Duchamp crossed the Atlantic to stir up more trouble.

Marcel Duchamp, <em> The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) </em>
Marcel Duchamp, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass)

Love, sex, science, broken glass, a coffee grinder, a bride from another dimension—this one really has it all.

Marcel Duchamp, <em>Boite-en-valise, Series F</em>
Marcel Duchamp, Boite-en-valise, Series F

Duchamp’s wife spent hours gluing prints of her husband’s work onto cardboard for this “portable retrospective.”

Marcel Duchamp, <em>Fountain</em>
Marcel Duchamp, Fountain

This is one of the most important objects of twentieth-century Euro-American visual culture. But… is it art?

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