A-Level: Sample set of works for the Baroque in Catholic Europe

This is an example of a set of works that can be used for the period of the Baroque in Catholic Europe (1597-1685).

The links associated with the objects listed below have been curated by Smarthistory, and include museum pages and other resources that we think are particularly helpful.

(SP) denotes specified painters

(SS) denotes specified sculptors

Religious painting

Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Beheading Holofernes

Peter Paul Rubens, Descent from the Cross (SP)

Religious sculpture

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, The Ecstasy of St. Teresa (SS) 

Luisa Roldán, Ecce Homo

Mythological painting

Lavinia Fontana, Minerva Dressing

Peter Paul Rubens, The Judgement of Paris (SC)

Mythological sculpture

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the Rape of Proserpina (SS) 

Pierre Puget, Milo of Croton


Gian Lorenzo Bernini, The Bust of Louis XIV (SS)

Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas

Landscape painting

Salvator Rosa, Landscape with Tobias and the Angel

Peter Paul Rubens, Early Morning at Het Steen (SA)

Still life or genre painting

Giovanna Garzoni, Plate with White Beans

Diego Velázquez, Old Woman Cooking Eggs

Religious architecture

Francesco Borromini, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane

Alonso Cano, Granada Cathedral

Secular architecture

Maderno, Borromini, and Bernini, Barberini Palace

Louis Le Vau, Vaux le Vicomte

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