A-Level: Sample set of works for British and American contemporary

This is an example of a set of works that can be used for the period of British and American contemporary art and architecture (1960-2015).

The links associated with the objects listed below have been curated by Smarthistory, and include museum pages and other resources that we think are particularly helpful.

(SP) denotes specified painters

(SS) denotes specified sculptors


David Hockney, My Parents

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych (SP)

Andy Warhol, Mao Zedong (SP)

The object in 3D

Rachel Whiteread, House (SS)

Sol LeWitt, Two Open Modular Cubes

Non-objective works

Rachel Whiteread, Untitled Green (SS)

Carl Andre, Equivalent VIII

Figurative works

Antony Gormley, Angel of the North

Duane Hanson, Lady with Shopping Bags

Performance or video

Bruce McLean, Pose Work for Plinths

Andy Warhol, Chelsea Girls (SP)

Installation art

Rachel Whiteread, The Gran Boathouse (SS)

Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party

Land or earth art

Richard Long, South Bank Circle

Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty

Commercial or public architecture

Richard Rogers, Lloyds Building

Frank Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall

Domestic architecture

Ernő Goldfinger, Trellick Tower

Robert Venturi, Venturi House

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