Attributed to Muqi, Six Persimmons

Rendered simply in tones of ink, Six Persimmons is a treasure of Zen Buddhist painting.

Six Persimmons, attributed to Muqi, 13th century (Song dynasty), ink on paper (Daitokuji Ryokoin Zen Temple, Kyoto). Speakers: Dr. Laura W. Allen, Senior curator for Japanese art, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco and Dr. Beth Harris

Six Persimmons in The Heart of Zen exhibition at the Asian Art Museum

Daitokuji Ryokoin Zen Temple

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Zen Buddhism on The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

James Cahill, “Continuations of Ch’an Ink Painting into Ming-Ch’ing and the Prevalence of Type Images,” Archives of Asian Art, volume 50 (1997/1998), pp. 17–41.

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