Asia in Holland, 17th-century Delftware

Adriaen Kocks, proprietor, The Greek A Factory (attributed), one of a pair of tulip vases as triumphal arches, c. 1690–1705, tin-glazed earthenware, 29.5 x 30.5 x 7.6 cm (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston); Lambertus van Eenhoorn, proprietor, De Metaalen Pot Factory (attributed), Tea canister, c. 1695–1720, lacquer imitation black glaze, tin-glazed earthenware, 14 cm high (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston); Jacob Wemmersz Hoppesteijn, proprietor, Het Moriaenshooft factory (attributed), Miniature shoe, c. 1685, tin-glazed earthenware, polychrome enamel decoration, 10.5 x 18 cm (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)


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